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The Wes Side Story – Wes Nihil

The Wes Side Story – Wes Nihil

The Wes Side Story – Wes Nihil

🌊1. Peep The Theory (feat. Bersurke)
🌊2. Banging On The Side (feat. Bersurke)
🔥3. Catch A Body (feat. Pacewon & Bersurke)
👍🏽4. Doctor Madman (feat. Bersurke)
🔥5. Shadows Of Light (feat. Pryme Prolifik & Bersurke)

This project is a nostalgic trip down the 90s with wutang style bars, beats and raps and I’m here for it. Thought I was going to get a 5 piece story of dude instead I was treated with a whole bunch of of ol school beats and straight gut punch bars. The pacing and aesthetic was very much 90s, the vibe was awesome. I did how’re feel like the hooks could’ve been done better but it didn’t take away from the overall project. All in all this is a good time def in rotation.



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