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Soulful Distance – Devin the Dude

Soulful Distance – Devin the Dude

Soulful Distance – Devin the Dude

👍🏾01. Soulful Distance
🔥02. Discouraged
🔥03. To Each His Own
🌊04. Nothin’ Really Just Chillin’
🔥05. My Left Nut Itch
🌊06. Just Ridin’ By f. Big Pokey & Lil’ Keke
🔥07. You Got No Time to Play
🌊08. He Don’t Have to Know
🔥09. P.L.A.N.S.A. f. Tony Mac
👍🏾10. A Good Woman
🔥11. High And Trippin’ f. 14k
🌊12. BREAK-fast
🚒13. Live And Let Live f. Slim Thug & Scarface
🔥14. We Smokin’ f. Blyne Rob & Jugg Mugg

This entire project is my cool uncle who has been smoking since my birth, isn’t married but always been with the same ladies and loves checking in on me not just on birthdays and holidays. In short this project gave me a hug. It is a vibe. I love the vibe its very relaxed mostly hip hop and dives into a few different sounds all soulful. The content I am here for its very real and down to earth but not too woke. Very day by day not worded for deep thinkers but can go there if needed. Its super digestible, its got humor, its got life jewels, dope features and all around very dope vibes. Roll up, pack in and put this in rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.

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