Hindsight – Breeze Brewin & Juggaknots

Hindsight – Breeze Brewin & Juggaknots

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hindsight – Breeze Brewin & Juggaknots

?01. Gotta Love It f. Sebb Bash
?02. The Uninvited f. Black Milk
?03. Road Rage f. Sebb Bash
?04. Bumpy Johnson
??05. Ppt f. Breeze Brewin & Kev Fevr
?06. Taking Notes f. Parallel Thought
??07. Keep It Up f. DJ Maseo
?08. Translate It f. B-Money
?09. King Oxymoron f. Marco Polo
?10. Mentore f. DJ Spinna
?11. The Application
?12. Eye Poppa f. Megalo
?13. Devil’s Advocate

Project started off very slow and a bit painful. The production was strange, his pacing was dated and it was just very slow. Once the production started to pickup this is where the raps and such started to shine. It started to portray its message and smooth itself out. The content is here, the production is 50/50. The features were cool for contrast if the beat was willing but he for the most part didnt stray too far from his solidified old school delivery and flow. If you take a few songs off of this it is way better but overall wasnt bad if you can skip past how awful it starts. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.


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