Cudahy Dopeboy 3 – Annimeanz

Cudahy Dopeboy 3 – Annimeanz

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?1. Lil Ghetto f. Lo Digs
?2. Hear it twice
?3. Do it all the time f. Moc & ?Johnny Dee of Spanish Fly
?4. Holla
?5. Stay away from the Cops f. FlightMob & Big Sick Nasty
?6. Everytime I wake
??7. Butterscotch f. Big Sick Nasty
?8. Facts
?9. Live from the Port f. Moc & Hip Hop Karma

Project slides. For being only 9 songs I didn’t expect it to be this complete. The production SLAPS. The message is fucking super dope and we need more music like this. The raps are all here and the pacing works. This shit is something for him his homies and his hoods and all other hoods around the world to rejoice to. It painted a picture of his hood, his downs and all the glow ups he’s faced because of those and so forth perfectly. I am here for it, flows hooks, all of it. It was really hard to find something not to like on this. Even the flex track was super solid even if it wasn’t my cup of tea. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.


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