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Whole Lotta Red EP – Mario Judah

Whole Lotta Red EP – Mario Judah

Whole Lotta Red EP – Mario Judah

🗑1. Luv My Slatts (Intro)
🚛2. Figi Freestyle
💩3. Bih Yah
💩4. Bean & Lean

This is the evolution of squishy noise raps. He literally woke up and decided to go to the studio make noises that baby animals make and then tell his engineer to max out any effect that sounds like he was huffing helium balloons. This is absolute dogshit. This project is for cats who eat cheetos and never wash they hands but wonder why they eyes burn when they rub them shits. In 4 songs and an intro this has immediately entered my worst things ive heard all year list. I thought I was going in to hear more things like that wild tik tok song. I was very wrong. Please save yourself. Yall owe me for this one.
0/10 – John D.

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