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Hijinx – Googie & Henry Canyons

Hijinx – Googie & Henry Canyons

Hijinx – Googie & Henry Canyons

🔥01. Pay Day
🔥02. Big Bad Wolf
🌊03. Kiss the Sky
🌊04. Synonymisms
🔥05. Hijinx Hallelujah
🔥06. Galvanize Pride
🔥07. I.O.U.
🔥08. Mood Right
🔥09. You Could Be
🌊10. Voyages
🔥11. Sphinx

Project is a good time. This project is like if the 2 bromancing high IQ class clowns put out an album. I loved it, Canyons out here sliding gracefully like a white cat who lost his v card to a Caribbean girl and Googie snapping like someone who lived the life Ghostface rapped about in “All That I Got Is You”. It all works. The production, the contrast, the pacing the shit they rapping about and its not that long so it can be played over and over again. Project somehow reminded me of the days when I used to walk and ride bikes to get around. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.



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