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Prelude to a Dream EP – Swaviie Macc

Prelude to a Dream EP – Swaviie Macc

🆗1. Waikiki
🆗2. Rockstar
👍🏾3. W.C.I.T
🚛4. Numb f. Jorgie Vellz
💤5. Penumbra
🌊6. Lust

Project is clean and production is clean. Other than that tho everything else is pretty cookie cutter boring. It wasnt me wanting to kill myself but I also never want to listen to it again. A tiny bit of originality wouldve went a long way but instead he chose to do the generic create a character model of this sound. Same words, same lowkey drooling sounds, same patterns. You think it he did it. He can pull it off so its s start its just also no different than ordering chicken tenders and fries from any food establishment. Skip.
4/10 – John D.



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