The Jersey Devil – Marqthemilkman

The Jersey Devil – Marqthemilkman

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?01. The Jersey Devil
?02. Ain’t Been the Same
??03. My Name Is
?04. Jumpouttheface!
?05. Marquis
?06. Hocus Pocus
??07. Beach (Denver Interlude)
?08. Honestly (Interlude)
?09. Wave Length
??10. Fairytale
?11. My Room
??12. Engine
?13. Part II (No Comparison Poem)

Every song made me want to listen to this less. Its rough because there are moments where he can rap or the production is nice but he does not keep the energy. Hes got 3 styles, whispering wimpering insecure, noisy sound effects insecure and a aggressive but still a lil insecure. Its wack honestly its boring, hes not saying much but can string them together its just he rarely uses his chest and over uses disney pixar noises. I didnt have a good time with this one at all. Try a new rap voice, try a new delivery try something out, just don’t do things because they are popular or cool.
1/10 – John D.



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