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Resting Dunce Face – Duncecap

Resting Dunce Face – Duncecap

Resting Dunce Face – Duncecap

👍 1.Boiling Frog
🆗 2.Crazy Mike
😴 3.Kiss Goodbye ft. Quelle Chris
👎 4.Chicken ft. Big Breakfast
👍 5.Used To
🚮 6.I’d Like to Be a Star
👎 7.Face Palm
😴 8.Skip Stones (Like Songs)
👍 9.No Time for Love
🌊 10.Resting Smile Face
👍 11.Receipts ft. Lil Frex
🌊 12.Rocks in Your Shoes
💩 13.Already Home

This project didn’t get decent until the end. Tracks 10-12 were going good and that’s where he showed the most potential. The rest was riddled with overcrowded beats, vocals sitting under the mix, and an intense lack of delivery and cadence. The dude sounded very tired through most of the project, and that last track.. just… why? Stick to what you did on the 3 records mentioned, fix your delivery and cadence and you’ll have a much better project.
4/10 – D



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