Hindsight – D-Medi

Hindsight – D-Medi

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hindsight – D-Medi

? 1. Insanity (ft. Amthemusic & Exdaghost)
? 2. Hindsight Freestyle
? 3. Gotta Do Better (ft. Exdaghost)
? 4. The Man (ft. Amthemusic)
? 5. Destroy or Rebuild (ft. Exdaghost)

Project was smooth and he was speaking facts. His lyrics and flow were dope, I just wish he had a little more emotion in his delivery because the lyrics were hitting but if he could match the depth of his delivery to the depth of his lyrics this would’ve hit harder. The production and quality were also smooth and I have no complaints about either. Overall it’s a smooth EP.
7/10 – D1C3



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