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TattleTales – 6ix9ine

TattleTales – 6ix9ine

TattleTales – 6ix9ine

👎🏽01. Locked up, Pt 2 f. Akon
👍🏽02. Tutu
🌊03. Gooba
🚮04. Wait
🚮05. Charlie f. Smilez
👍🏽06. Trolls f. 👎🏽Nicki Minaj
👍🏽07. Nini f. 🔥Leftside
🚮08. P****i
👍🏽09. Yaya
🚛10. Leah f. Akon
🚛11. Gata f. 💩Lil AK
🚛12. GTL
👎🏽13. Ava
🗑14. R.E.D. f. Sleiman
🗑15. Trollz (Alternate Ending) f. Nicki Minaj

Man where tf do I start? Ok let’s get the good out the way. 6ix9ine has a dope lane if he just makes regeaton music. The beats and production were high quality but that’s like the only bright spot out there other than the radio ready gooba, trolls and tutu. The bad? Man. Talk about cashing in on being a snitch. Recruiting Akon for a locked up remake was brilliant but the record was a huge miss even with Akon remixing his own verse. The other songs are just him yelling insults at the air like a kid sent to his room for not finishing dinner. Even when the beat drops and it’s hitting he starts rapping and you immediately want to change the song. The crooning he was trying to do is cringeworthy. Pass on this album and just listen to the songs he has on the radio you’ll be better off.



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