Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1 – Buppy.

Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1 – Buppy.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1 – Buppy.

?01. Loading…
??02. Haiku f. Kenji
?03. Love Me
?04. Deception f. Kenji (point off for calling liquor likora)
?05. Hmu If U Need Me f. Kenji
?06. Head Up. (Interlude)
??07. 7 Lines In
?08. Jiggy Wit It f. Peech.
??09. F**k Around f. Hope
?10. Abyss f. Peech.
?11. Error404
?12. 801 Freestyle f. Lordsinek
??13. White Boy Bars
?14. I Wrote This For You.
?15. Please Help Me. F. Kaia Jette
?16. Until It’s Over.

Lil Sleep. The good is the production is solid. The bad is everything else. Its very unbelievable. Its the equivalent to a child tellings a story after watching his favorite movie, you see all the similarities, you see how much he loves and cherishes it, but you also know its make believe. On top of that hes mostly just rhyming words, and then sprinkle in pronouncing shit like a deaf person autotuned up and making weird noises. You have this project. The rest of the features all fit the short bus. Then when it seems to get a little personal it sounds like everyone else, goes nowhere or contradicts itself.
2/10 – John D.



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