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Habitual – Typo

Habitual – Typo

Habitual – Typo

🌊1. Out of Bounds (hook took away from this one)
🌊2. Insomnia f. 🔥Casper Marcus
🔥3. Slip Through the Cracks
🔥4. Sirens
🌊5. K’$ f. Young Stitch
🔥6. Same Word
🔥7. Rollin’ f. Brewza
🌊8. Where Will I Land

Project is very solid. Its short, it tries things, it mixes up the content and it can be looped no problem. If I had to say any bad is that there are some hooks that missed for me but other than that he knows what hes doing for the most part. When the hooks stuck, they stuck like sirens, hook was fire. Dude can rap has a dope voice too. Features showed up too and complemented it very well. Production was solid, the last beat I actually purchased from Luan Beats, bad business on the producers end. Project slides tho, in rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.

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