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Deaf Wish – Q Da Fool

Deaf Wish – Q Da Fool

Deaf Wish – Q Da Fool

👎 1.Battlefield
👎 2.Wit My Rounds (ft. OhGeesy)
🆗 3.Hustle
👎 4.Bad News
😴 5.From The Bay
😴 6.Different Breed
🚮 7.Baghdad
💩 8.Breaking Da Bowl

In the words of track 8, this project is “breaking da bowl” because this project is heavy Ass. It’s the same generic stuff as everything else. “I sell this” , “I fuck that” , “I hold this” , “I got that.” There’s no substance here and it’s all tied together by more boring flows, generic delivery, and shrouded by auto tune. If actually rapping is considered outdated, then doing the same


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