No Apologies – Big Sco

No Apologies – Big Sco

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No Apologies – Big Sco

?01. Black Roses (hook is Garbo)
?02. In My Head
?03. Infinity And Beyond
?04. Talk To Me
?05. Gomez
?06. Sky High
?07. Day by Day
?08. To Involved (ft Alphamale & Maskarade)
?09. Wanted
?10. Firearm

There’s a couple of tracks on here that could be pretty decent with a few extra touches replace or get rid of a hook or two, a little bit more attention to mixing and general sound quality is needed as well. Basically this could of used another round of opinions maybe before release. The tracks that scored moderately had a little something to em. Track two in particular everything else was vapid and just seemed like empty flex rhymes Sco can string together a rhyme but he ain’t really saying shit for most of this project.
3/10 – JW…/…/big-sco-no-apologies


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