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Summer – The Truth

Summer – The Truth

Summer – The Truth

🔥 1.Fugee La
🚒 2.Never Rikers (ft. Nems)
🆗 3.Big Fan (ft. Bigmoneyhit & Migs718)
🚒 4.Ah Ah Ah
🔥 5.Goethals (ft. Ren Thomas)
🔥 6.Fly High (ft. Joey Flats 🚒)
🔥 7.Where I’m From

This project is extremely dope. He didn’t overdo it on the amount of tracks and he brought a ton of gritty flows, sharp lyrics, and extremely dope production. The quality was on point too. Track 3 felt a little out of place on this project. It wasn’t a bad track at all, it just didn’t feel like it belonged on this one. Joey Flats, that hook is fucking dope. This one’s definitely going on the playlist. Keep holding it down for Shaolin. Good shit!
9/10 – D1C3


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