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Death 2 All Haterz 2 – Rigz & Symph

Death 2 All Haterz 2 – Rigz & Symph

🗣1. Lukey Cage
🔥2. Overdose f. Rob Gates & Illanoise
🌊3. Tired
🌊4. Secure
🔥5. Glocks and Techs
🎞6. Early Morn Crack Sells Skit
🚒7. Willie Hutch f. Mooch & Mav
🔥8. What You Expect
😂9. Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupree

All the street raps, all the bars, all the dope flows and rap voices. This project has that, my only thing is some of these beats couldve slapped more but the emcees on here carried this shit. They delivered on every track. Every line. The features too. It worked, replay value is here, street raps here, sprinkles of wisdom are here, and even jokes are here. This project is super solid, and felt like a warm up. Easily in rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.


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