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I Shouldn’t Be Alive – Treazon

I Shouldn’t Be Alive – Treazon

I Shouldn’t Be Alive – Treazon

🌊01. Bail (Hook took a fire from this)
🔥02. Victim
🌊03. Reruns
🌊04. Sleeve
🌊05. Alive
🌊06. Tonight (The end ruined the pacing of the track)
🔥07. Paranoia 2
🌊08. Demon Slayer
🌊09. Reason
👍🏾10. Black Ops f. Will Tesla & Dasanto
🌊11. Give & Take f. Oh Genius
🌊12. Set You Free
🌊13. Before My Eyes f. Oh Genius
🌊14. L2n
🌊15. Thrill (Bonus)
🌊16. Ending Theme (Bonus)

Project slides. Dude can fucking rap. Production was dope, very like funk volume type era stuff going on here, super clean. He’s highkey the most honestly pissed person ive heard in a minute, not even like some rap angry, like this dude might be just pissed in real life. I get it. Project has allot, he never really shy’s on the raps or the singing for his hooks which I can respect and most of them land. Some songs are missing a bit of flair, maybe the style is too similar for how long the project is but its by no means bad. Features were cool they didnt add much or take away too much from this project, its legit all him and about him. I took allot from this, and I think thats what he was really tryna do. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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