Full Metal Jackets – Killarmy

Full Metal Jackets – Killarmy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Full Metal Jackets – Killarmy

?01. The Virus
?02. Combat Neurosis f. Elcamino
?03. Cinema Sinister f. ?Willie da Kid & ??William Cooper
?04. Mediterranean Flow f. Reb Bur & Cappadonna
?05. Rusty Dangs f. ?Planet Asia & ?Ras Kass
?06. Just Like Prison f. STIC.MAN of Dead Prez
?07. Star Wars f. Timbo King & Master Ace
?08. The Shootout PT. II f. La The Darkman
?09. Wake Up PT. II f. Ill Bill, Killah Priest & 60 Second Assassin
?10. Musical Terrorist
?11. Living Legends f. Prodigal Sunn

Project is super solid. Straight to the point hip hop. Dope loops, so many raps, almost too many because each song could def use a min scraped off to make them hit a bit harder, and dope features. This sounds more like a compilation than anything, no real pacing or goal just rap raps on raps. Features showed up, production is here, quality sounds vintage, only issues is some songs run on a bit longer than they should have. Other than that, this is all around super solid. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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