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Full Metal Jackets – Killarmy

Full Metal Jackets – Killarmy

Full Metal Jackets – Killarmy

📻01. The Virus
🔥02. Combat Neurosis f. Elcamino
🌊03. Cinema Sinister f. 🔥Willie da Kid & 👎🏾William Cooper
🌊04. Mediterranean Flow f. Reb Bur & Cappadonna
🌊05. Rusty Dangs f. 🔥Planet Asia & 🔥Ras Kass
🌊06. Just Like Prison f. STIC.MAN of Dead Prez
🔥07. Star Wars f. Timbo King & Master Ace
🌊08. The Shootout PT. II f. La The Darkman
🔥09. Wake Up PT. II f. Ill Bill, Killah Priest & 60 Second Assassin
🌊10. Musical Terrorist
🌊11. Living Legends f. Prodigal Sunn

Project is super solid. Straight to the point hip hop. Dope loops, so many raps, almost too many because each song could def use a min scraped off to make them hit a bit harder, and dope features. This sounds more like a compilation than anything, no real pacing or goal just rap raps on raps. Features showed up, production is here, quality sounds vintage, only issues is some songs run on a bit longer than they should have. Other than that, this is all around super solid. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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