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Dr. Deadhorse – Moemaw Naedon

Dr. Deadhorse – Moemaw Naedon

Dr. Deadhorse – Moemaw Naedon

🌊1.Dr. Deadhorse
🔥3.Slime Volcanoes ft. Calig Kontra
🔥4.My Great Odin’s Raven
🔥5.Dark Water Rising
👍🏼6.Light Flash ft. Beeb
🔥7.Cookin’ Again
🔥8.Vamos ft. DJ Admc
👍🏼9.Shadow Run ft. Brother Seamus
🌊10.P.K.E. ft. Dj Bombeardo
👍🏼11.Backpack Fuse
🔥12.Extend Receptors

This is what you get when a metal head decides he wants to rap. Highly relatable for a fellow white rapper. Whether or not that’s the case here, that’s the audience that rallies to a project like this. It’s gritty and very punk. Some real Mike Shinoda vibes. Hints of jazz on some switch up tracks as well. This really had it all. I needed at least one banger to rate this higher
a little more zest and this is a 9 or 10. Either way in rotation!
8.5/10 -Frank


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