Quarantined – Jose A

Quarantined – Jose A

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Quarantined – Jose A

??2.La, La, La
?4.Ferris Wheel (Interlude)
?5.Stuck Inside (Not by choice)
?6.Pink Sky
?7.Can You Listen To This While I Think About You?

First off the production was lacking, lots of static reverb. Track 3 straight up cut out. Dude needs a better set up or needs to confide in an actual engineer. I can see dabbles of potential in there but it’s obvious he hasn’t found his bag quite yet. Definitely needs to work on those pipes, he was mad pitchy. This project is for cats who have a crush on the baddest chick in school but never talk to her because they’re insecure about their foot fetish. Pass.
2/10 -Frank


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