Raw Stream EP – Lynx 196.9

Raw Stream EP – Lynx 196.9

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Raw Stream EP – Lynx 196.9

??1. Raw Stream Intro
??2. Issues
?3. Purge
?4. Coffee and a Spliff
??5. Another Bottle
?6. Raw Stream Outro

Homie was on his Buffalo Bill Bruv raps. Project is mad very loud and crunchy. You will understand when you hear the first few seconds. Its consistent, the production underneath all that crunch is dope tho, its all over the place but still dope. Him on the other hand was a bit strange, sometimes it sounds like he sliding then the delivery or the last word of his punches would hit a little awkward on top of the fact that hes got the whole “It places the lotion in the basket” vibe. If his raps were a bit clearer and cleaner some adobe or old bay on it wouldve have made this hit harder, till then it was type forgettable.
5/10 – John D.


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