FNTG: From N****z to Godz – Squeegie O

FNTG: From N****z to Godz – Squeegie O

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FNTG: From N****z to Godz – Squeegie O

?01. The End Justifies the Mean (Intro)
?02. No Luv
?03. Open Letter
?04. Chesson Boise f. Egon Doe
?05. Flesh Eatin’ Bobby
?06. Let’s Stay Together f. Mvtha Cvla
?07. Kabrina
?08. Harbor Kidz f. Jamil Honesty
?09. Karma
?10. Negro 9-1-1
?11. Definition of a Broke N***a f. DruGunn$
?12. Step Brothaz f. ??Scvtterbrvin
?13. Nowhere
?/?14. Eid/Vil

Project is HEAT! The production, the raps, the features. It is all here. Project has all the content, dope pacing, and an abundance of bars. Dude can rap, like really rap rap. Shit is refreshing. The beats were cold, and tho he didnt have many when he did have a hook it was dope. It balanced out going from tracks that were straight raps to ones with simple hooks and vibes. I rocked with all of it, even the skits and little switchups. It told a story, it had layers, and showed allot of heart went into it. Replay value is here too. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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