Everything – Kota the Friend

Everything – Kota the Friend

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Everything – Kota the Friend

?2.Mi Casa
?3.B.Q.E. ft. Joey Bada$$ & Bas
?4.Long Beach ft. Hello O’Shay & Alex Banin
?5.Lupita’s Interlude
?6.Away Park ft. Kaiit
?8.Morocco fr. Tobi Lou?
?9.Seven (Interlude)
?10.Always ft. Kyle & Braxton Cook
?11.Lakeith’s Interlude
?12.Everything ft. Lil Kota

Album is a major vibe. Real easy listen packed with some great concept and solid big name features. This man is rapping for young fathers in their mid twenties/early thirties. Had me thinking about situations from my own life. If he took out tracks 7&8 this would be an all around classic. I’ll be playing this back a few times.
7.5/10 -Frank


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