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Nothing to Love – Joey Flats

Nothing to Love – Joey Flats

👍🏼1. Man Down
💤2. Remember
🌊3. Fallin’
🌊4. Crawl
🆗️5. All of You (ft. Rezzy🌊)
😴6. Bounce
👎🏼7. The Cost
👍🏼8. Up Down Interlude (ft. Vic Marr👎🏼)
🌊9. Back Again
🚮10. Walk Away (ft. Ice Flowidez💩)
😴11. Chances
🌊12. Let Me Go
🆗️13. Wake Up (ft. Rezzy🆗️) [hook is 🌊]
🌊14. Cracked

The pale mans Future. Mad autotune through out this joint; works on and off. The beat choices are nice, but there’s no diversity besides the Blink-182 on “Let Me Go.” Outside of the first Rezzy appearance, the features brought down the value of what they’re on. There’s a crowd of people that probs listen to this kinda shit but I ain’t with it.
4/10 – Drake K.


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