Nothing to Love – Joey Flats

Nothing to Love – Joey Flats

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nothing to Love – Joey Flats

??1. Man Down
?2. Remember
?3. Fallin’
?4. Crawl
?️5. All of You (ft. Rezzy?)
?6. Bounce
??7. The Cost
??8. Up Down Interlude (ft. Vic Marr??)
?9. Back Again
?10. Walk Away (ft. Ice Flowidez?)
?11. Chances
?12. Let Me Go
?️13. Wake Up (ft. Rezzy?️) [hook is ?]
?14. Cracked

The pale mans Future. Mad autotune through out this joint; works on and off. The beat choices are nice, but there’s no diversity besides the Blink-182 on “Let Me Go.” Outside of the first Rezzy appearance, the features brought down the value of what they’re on. There’s a crowd of people that probs listen to this kinda shit but I ain’t with it.
4/10 – Drake K.


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