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State of Emergency – Lil Tjay

State of Emergency – Lil Tjay

State of Emergency – Lil Tjay

🌊1.Ice Cold
🔥2.Zoo York ft. Fivio Foreign & Pop Smoke
😴3.Shoot For the Stars ft. Fivio Foreign
👎🏼4.Wet Em Up Pt. 2
🚮5.City on my Back
👍🏼6.My City
🚮7.Gettin Lit

Project is high key a cluster fuck. Dabbles of substance here and there but jam packed with bullshit generic lyrics. All stuff you’ve heard thousands of times before. I understand this is supposed to be mainly a drill type sound and there’s a specific audience for it, however this is the type of shit you’ll look back to years later and acknowledge as a bullshit wave. He needs to give us a whole project with an Ice Cold type sound with a few sprinkles of Zoo York in there and you have a classic. Until then, this shit just isn’t it. Pass.
4/10 -Frank


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