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The Minotaur – Elcamino

The Minotaur – Elcamino

The Minotaur – Elcamino

🌊1. Club Execedrid
🌊2. Sake in Japan
🌊3. Tears in a Bucket (ft. Madhattan🌊)
🌊4. Covid
🚫5. Break Ya Chain [Tears in a Bucket but renamed]
🔥6. Hiest Skit
🌊7. Plague (ft. Miserable Genius🌊)
🌊8. Murda 1
🎬9. Outro

This tape makes wanna put on a pair of tims with a Yankees caps and yell adlibs down the street. El put together a smooth 9 piece. Him and the feats put work over these alchemist type beats. Mans tried renaming and handing us Tears in a Bucket twice. Other than that this project is chill as fuck, something you wanna drive to type shit. This skrttts right into rotation.
8/10 – Drake K.


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