The Truth 2 – Taco

The Truth 2 – Taco

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Truth 2 – Taco
?01. Waiting on My Time
?02. Am I Dreamin
?03. All My Money (ft GS)
?04. Miss Conception (Ft Kay)
?05. Who Knew
?06. Ima Man Now Pt 2
?07. Brother’s Keeper (ft Brittany Marlette)
?08. I Need Mine (Skit)
?09. Get This Money (ft GS)
?10. Truth Hurts
?11. Stranger’s
?12. Can’t Miss My Ride (ft ?

This is some easy listening dopeness, there’s a lot of variety in the songs from sound to content so it’s easy to stay engaged and there’s some real shit sprinkled in here but you aren’t being beaten over the head with the message. I’ll be spinning this for sure Taco hasn’t disappointed yet.
8/10 – JW


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