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Departure of Empathy Two EP – Mali Osage

Departure of Empathy Two EP – Mali Osage

🌊1. Trust Issues f. Quinn Holiday
👍🏾2. Mask f. Quinn Holiday
🌊3. No Contact f. Quinn Holiday
🌊4. Departure of Empathy f. Kali Malia & Quinn Holiday

Project is a good time, production is dope, feature came thru on the last hook, pacing is nice, the story is nice. Its all clean, and its 4 songs. Got some skits in there too, it all works for the most part. Has a nice intro and grand finish for an ep, like album type energy. He can rap too, he swagging a bit on it so I cant complain at all. It all works and has replay value too. Could’ve used a little more seasoning to make it really pop but I can’t complain. I am interested to see whats next. In rotation.
6.5/10 John D.


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