Me, Her, And Her – Handsome Hye

Me, Her, And Her – Handsome Hye

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Me, Her, And Her – Handsome Hye

??1. Daddy f. ?Mi$ Ri & ?Nik Sing
??2. Invitation
?3. We a Vibe f. ?EssJae Love (He highkey ruined this)
?4. Kick It Wit U f. ?Binatraa Bank$
??5. Candles Lit
?6. The Nasty Song f. ?Mi$$ Ri (she came in hot lmao)
??7. Nothing Like You (Interlude)
?8. Sharay f. Beda Free

I am going to list the good first. The beats, he got a dope voice, most of the features, the concept, the mix and pacing. Here is the bad: The artist himself. Highkey I think he might’ve drowned himself in confidence and decided to just do whatever because he sounds dope. The flows were strange, the hooks were ass (when it was him, or that first song), and he just wasn’t doing justice to everything that was given to him. Like this was a dope project and he ruined it for me. Like we get it you can rap, and you got a cool voice but lets try to work with the dope production and such. Everywhere he slacked, took from this heavy. You are better than that.
4/10 – John D.


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