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Crimson Twins EP – Crimson Twins

Crimson Twins EP – Crimson Twins

🌊1. The Psychic Bond
🌊2. Ain’t No One Like Us
🌊3. Eyes Closed
🌊4. Loan $Harks
🌊5. The Crimson Twins

Project is solid. No flash no fat no filler. Straight to the point. Dope beats, straight to the point rhymes, simple hooks. Its just enough of what you need. Something to have in the background, smoke to, play 2k to, anything lowkey honestly. Flash and such could have brought this to a higher level but it wasnt needed. It brought me back in a way too. Made me think of finding something no one knew about back in the day that never popped but you knew was dope. Its not long either so def replayable. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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