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The Ghost of Mount Fuji – C-Lance

The Ghost of Mount Fuji – C-Lance

The Ghost of Mount Fuji – C-Lance

🔥01. King of Terror
🔥02. Assassination in Tokyo
👍🏾03. Ichiro Suzuki
🔥04. Death Note f. Aaron Hiltz
🔥05. Pork Fried Rice
🔥06. Aokigahara Forest
🔥07. Ricky Steamboat
🌊08. Ichi the Killer
🔥09. Over Your Dead Body
🌊10. Ringu
🔥11. Godzilla Vs Megalon
🔥12. Mount Fuji
👍🏾13. I Saw the Devil
🔥14. The Headless Dragon
🔥15. Asuka
🔥16. Scorpion Bowls
🔥17. The Yakuza Papers
🚒18. Train to Busan
🔥19. A Tale of Two Sisters
🚒20. Duck Sauce
🔥21. Himuro Mansion

Beat tape is a good ass time. Front to back I was enjoying myself and highkey involved. This sounds like something that needs to be behind a fire Anime series, Like a cowboy bebop type. It has dope pacing, some highkey slappers, some chill ones and it really tells a story. Tho it was type long, I didnt feel like I was going through like music just listen. Felt like I was lost in a soundtrack but a soundtrack to whatever my mind was thinking up. Very good time. Highly recommended. In rotatoin.
8.8/10 – John D.


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