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Still Lovin’ Boombap – Roccwell

Still Lovin’ Boombap – Roccwell

Still Lovin’ Boombap – Roccwell

🌊01. Eyo of the Storm f. John Jiggs, Maylay Spark, Chukk Rukkuz & DJ Case
🔥02. Live Life f. Craig G & DJ Danetic
🔥03. Roadrunner f. M-Dot & DJ LP2
🌊04. Sound Off f. Revalation & B-Base
🌊05. Here Comes f. Born Unique
🔥06. Powermove f. Bankai Fam, Dro Pesci & DJ Case
🔥07. Fair Warning f. Dro Pesci & DJ Tricky
🌊08. RJ2BK f. Ruste Juxx & DJ Case
🌊09. Listen Up f. GOOD WTHR, 13adLuck & Dj Skruff
🔥10. Universal Slanguag f. Empuls & DJ Case
🔥11. Kung Fu Rap f. Mesidge & Dj Skruff
🔥12. Bringing’ It Back f. Rockwelz
🌊13. Outcast f. Glad2Mecha & DJ Case
🔥14. From CI f. QNC & DJ LP2
🔥15. Time Is Now f. Wildelux & DJ 12FingerDan

Project is a good time. Straight to your face, old school hip hop. You cant go wrong. If you put this on around an old head I give them 30 seconds or less till they scream out “WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS” while turning the volume up. Its like that. Every beat slapped. Every feature came to play from rapper to DJ. The scratching brought this up for me for sure. It all works. The diversity also hit for sure. The amount of long island on it will also get points from me. Fire project. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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