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Clean – D.Cure

Clean – D.Cure

Clean – D.Cure

👍🏾01. Not Welcome
🌊02. Tag
👍🏾03. Fallin’
🌊04. Another Dood
🌊05. Sparkly f. The Marine Rapper
🔥06. Too Late
🌊07. Center of Attention
🌊08. Maiden f. Topher
🌊09. Small Town f. Mr. Glue
🌊10. If I Return
👍🏾11. Locked Out f. TerryJosiah
🔥12. Run

Theres a bunch of riggidy riggidy raps on this one, you will know once you here it. Its solid tho, the things that I can see people being weird about might be sometimes he sound like he gotta blow his nose, but other than that I was into it. He had all the raps, some cool flows, some he would fall back on a bit much, but what really stood out was him getting his sing on. All the melodies and hooks, it was dope. Features did they thing too but the real star was him doing his thing on this solid ass production, from flowing, telling a story, and singing his ass off. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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