Devil Worshipping Homicides – Shunned

Devil Worshipping Homicides – Shunned

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Devil Worshipping Homicides – Shunned

?01.Lucifer’s Prayer (Intro)
?02.Satanic Confession
??03.Beezlebub’s Wishes
?04.Bleed Out
??05.Skin You Alive
??06.Human Flesh ft. Torchfvce
??07.Notice Me Satan, Notice Meee
?08.Everybodies Dead
?09.Murder Spree ft. Sinizter?
??10.Stab on Repeat

Project is most definitely not for everyone. High key thought I was about to get struck by lightning every time I nodded to it. The production is clean as fuck and the bass will have you bumping to every track. But at the same time unless you listen to this type of sound you won’t understand it. For me personally I didn’t mind, I just gotta be in the mood for something like this. Won’t say who it’s for because it’s obvious if you read the project and song titles. He’s definitely well aware of what his lane is what he’s about so I’ll give credit where it’s due.
6/10 -Frank


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