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Grand Scheme 12:26 – Lost Boyz

Grand Scheme 12:26 – Lost Boyz

Grand Scheme 12:26 – Lost Boyz

🗣01. Grand Scheme [Intro]
🌊02. Why Not f. Bobby Garcia
🌊03. Grand Scheme / Coming Home f. Southside Drama
😴04. Legendary f. Tim Dawg, Freaky Kah & Sha Bully
🌊05. Focus on Me f. Southside Drama & Bobby Garcia
🌊06. Speed Bump f. Juggs & Southside Drama
🌊07. Troo to da Game
🗣08. Grand Scheme [Interlude]
🆗09. Music Makes Me High 2 f. Keith Murray & Popa Don
👍🏾10. Look What I Did f. Buddy Wike, Southside Drama, Bobby Garcia & Popa Don
🌊11. Sun, Moon & Stars f. Popa Don & Horace Brown
🆗12. Atmosphere f. No Image

Project has a better project hidden inside of it. Its not bad it just has a bunch of little inconsistencies that you cant help but notice. Tracks being too long, or the hooks dragging on, or some things being mixed a bit off or just needing a bit more to make it pop. Outside of that tho, there are raps, there is contrast, there is variety too, some better than others. You can tell there was allot of heart that went into this, but so much that direction mightve been thrown off. Pacing is strange but the music is here. Some tracks are smooth, some slap, some give you that throwback feel. The features just make the songs longer, but either way its solid overall. Replay value wouldve been here if tracks didnt drag or the skits werent too repetitive. In rotation tho.
6/10 – John D.


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