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The Turnmanator – Brotha Lynch Hung

The Turnmanator – Brotha Lynch Hung

📽1. Intro (Turnmanator)
🌊2. Youz a Succa (ft. G-Macc🌊)
🆗️3. Fire (ft. Twisted Insane🆗️Dalima🌊)
👍🏻4. Dat Blow (ft. Mr. Ballatician🔥)
🌊5. The Burn (ft. Hystables👍🏻)
📽6. Outro

The EP title reminds me of Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas & Ferb. I got a few critiques. “Fire” would be better without the Twisted Insane hook and the synth in the beginning of the beat. “Dat Blow” had a whole minute of nothing between the verses, could’ve used another feature in that time frame. “The Burn” would be 🔥 if he swapped Hystables out for G-Macc. I’ll give this a couple turns though.
6/10 – Drake K.


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