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The Fallen – Yeezy$world

The Fallen – Yeezy$world

The Fallen – Yeezy$world

🌊01. Party Through the Pain
🌊02. Fortified (the end gets wild)
🆗03. Afraid of Heights
👍🏾04. Torn Apart f. 🌊Jusifa
🌊05. Karma’s Interlude f. 🔥Xzayvier
👎🏾06. When I’m Gone f. Diego the Great
🌊07. Catch That Video
👍🏾08. Out of Control f. 🚮Lord Coonie
🔥09. UpsideDown
🔥10. Sorry to Bother You

Project is type unique. Got some new age rap rock fusion I didnt hate. Not only did it have different types of new age, it had like some pop rock, some nu metal type stuff but those even had a bit of bounce to it. I wasnt mad at it at all, if I was a teen I wouldve kept this on the first page of my CD sleeves. The subject matter was also a mix of new age swag drug rap but it had moments of real too which I appreciated. The pacing fit the tone, the production was dope, the mixes were fun and clean. He used all the FX in the world and they kinda worked. Features were cool for the most part, Minus Coonie fucking up a good track. All around its different, very unique new age stuff, risky as well which is hard to say nowdays. My inner whiteboy with black friends rocked with it. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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