Dying to Live EP – Tee Melly

Dying to Live EP – Tee Melly

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dying to Live EP – Tee Melly

??1. Right Here
?2. Need Somebody
?3. Dying to Live
?4. Rainy Days f. LongLiveDj
?5. Save Me f. ?Anthony Kannon
?6. Surreal

Project is an entire mood. The production was nice, the content was nice, the hooks were smooth and the features came to do work. I enjoyed it, it had stuff I could relate to, it told a very dark but very real story, the mix was clean and the project isnt that long so you can just keep it on loop. This some sad boy level vibes but it has its share of bragging and feel good lines. Plugins were used well, nothing got annoying. Overall I was vibing to this, I can see people sitting in dark rooms alone to this, smoking to this or even putting it on when people are over. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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