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Bebey – Theophilus London

Bebey – Theophilus London

Bebey – Theophilus London

🆗01. Leon f. Kristian Hamilton
👍🏾02. Marchin’
🆗03. Bebey
🌊04. Only You f. Tame Impala
🔥05. Cuba
🌊06. Give You f. Gemaine
👍🏾07. Seals f. Lil Yachty & Ian Isiah [Remix]
🔥08. Whiplash f. Tame Impala
🔥09. Whoop Tang Flow f. Raekwon
👎🏾10. Pretty f. Ian Isiah
😴11. Bebey f. Giggs [SN1 Road Mix]
🔥12. Seals (Solo)
🌊13. Revenge f. Ariel Pink

Project sounded like a huge risk and leap of faith. It is a mix between extreme experimenting, moods, culture, heritage and some big name features for seasoning. I am not mad at it at all. Its fun, its filled with moods and vibes, beautiful sounds and some dope and shocking features. Pacing is a good time, the subject matter is straight to the point. It shines best when he is rapping and not using effects. When the effects are in, I was not into it at all. It took away from what he showed as actual talent on the other songs, especially his singing. Project can bring your mood up quick tho, its very clean and very fun all around. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.

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