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The Many Faced Goddess – Merc The Big Body Benz

The Many Faced Goddess – Merc The Big Body Benz

🎬1.The Many Faced Goddess Intro
🆗3.Get It Up
🌊5.Strong Friend ft.KingFSorrow
🆗7.Im Fine
🔥8.F Bombs
👍🏼9.Talk To Myself ft. Mankind
🌊10.Bae Games
👍🏼11.Paradise ft. KingFsorrow
🌊13.Wild Woman Archetype

She’s got a really cool sound. Her pocket is most definitely story telling. HOWEVER, there is zero appeal in listening to a female who sounds like a chain smoker rap about how great her pussy is. For the love of god women in the hip hop community, start respecting yourselves. Just stop. The constant light tempo gets a little old after awhile. It wouldn’t have been as big a deal if there were less tracks. Overall it’s a semi consistent body of work.
6/10 -Frank

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