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In My Blood – BemoreKev

In My Blood – BemoreKev

In My Blood – BemoreKev

🌊1. 21
👍🏾2. Knowledge f. Zubin
🌊3. IDC
🆗4. In My Blood
👍🏾5. Raising Me

Project isnt bad. Its rare that I say this but theres some moments where hes rapping a bit too much. I get it tho he mixed it up. Smooth here, raps here, vibes here. Content is here, pacing is meh, it had less ups than downs. I was highkey upset the title track wasnt a banger, you gotta make that shit hit. It wasnt bad, he can make some music just needs to try some other things out, it was a lil repetitive and when he did try things it was very generic. Prod was ok, its short but idk if im gonna run it back honestly.
5/10 – John D.

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