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Divine Inspiration Volume 1 – Milez & P@$$i0n P

Divine Inspiration Volume 1 – Milez & P@$$i0n P

🚮2.N.Y. Time
😴3.Sun Boy
🚮4.No Hook
😴5.The Hold Up
👍🏼6.Call Me
🌊7.F.T.W. (Free the World)
🆗9.Sensei Samuari
🌊10.Love Ones
🌊11.Can’t Get Over You
👍12.Never Enough

A horrible start really plagued this project. It reminded me of 30 year old white dudes who wear basketball jerseys to the function. Poor production and adlib placement made it a hard listen. There were way too many points where bars were forced. It goes from generic raps to sounding like an Atmosphere type sound. This projected needed trimmed down for sure. Tracks 6-12 were all quality. Almost in rotation.
5/10 -Frankie

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