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A Written Testimony – Jay Electronica

A Written Testimony – Jay Electronica

🎥01. The Overwhelming Event
🔥02. Ghost of Soulja Slim
🔥03.The Blinding (ft Travis Scott)
🔥04. The Neverending Story
🌊05. Shiny Suit Theory (ft The-Dream)
🔥06.Universal Soldier
👍07. Flux Capacitor
🔥08. Fruits of the Spirit
🔥09. Ezekiel’s Wheel (ft The-Dream)
🔥10. A.P.I.D.T.A.

I’m not sure what I expected from Jay Elec here but where this may not have been exactly what I was looking for I’m not mad at it. Production is gas and Jay Elec and Hova’s back and forth is fire they both have such different sounds that it lends a nice variety. Project definitely requires you to listen you won’t be putting this one on for a party unless it’s a party where you all write research papers and this plays in the background.
7.7/10 – JW

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