Got It Made – Kamaiyah

Got It Made – Kamaiyah

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Got It Made – Kamaiyah

?01. Intro
?02. Pressure
?03. Get Ratchet f. J. Espinosa
??04. Still I Am
?05. 1-800-IM-Horny
?06. Digits f. ?Capolow
?07. Set It Up f. ?Trina
?08. Mood Swings
?09. Whatever Whenever
??10. 10 Toes High

She kept doing the E-40 OooUGHHHH on the first track and I couldnt stop doing it in my head. Every beat was on some GTA San Andreas load screen shit. She got the most boring tone, cadence, and delivery of any female I have ever heard. Its upsetting because she had moments where she would say shit, or flow nice, but it just would not hit. Its very very clear on that Trina track, she got her ass whooped. Project just feels dusty. If “females when the clubs lights go on” was a whole project, this is it. At first I thought maybe my New York ears just cant adjust to this, but then I realized, its just not that good. Few tweaks could change her whole career tho.
1/10 – John D.


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