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Big Bad Gnar Shit 2 – GNAR & Germ

Big Bad Gnar Shit 2 – GNAR & Germ

Big Bad Gnar Shit 2 – GNAR & Germ

🚮1. Perc 300
👎🏾2. Jungle Boys
🚛3. Who is U
😴4. Ride Wit Da Fye PT. 3
🚮5. Hibachi

This is highkey trash. Lets keep these 2 alive, because if something happens to them and I see the word legend get tossed out there, I am going to kill someone myself. This is what happens when you are those kids that bite people and no one ever told you it was wrong into adulthood. They both rap like they have rabies. Type of cats that brush they teeth with the same brush they clean kicks with. Its trash, all generic, bunch of half words, half bars, half sentences, half noises. Beats were boring. Nothing worked, we can throw this one out but there is a high chance it will survive by eating the garbage its surrounded by.
0/10 – John D.

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