Audio Murals – Mayhem of EMS & Reckonize Real

Audio Murals – Mayhem of EMS & Reckonize Real

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Audio Murals – Mayhem of EMS & Reckonize Real

??/?01. Brighter Daze (Hook is a bit weak)
?02. City Rises Up f. Skyzoo & Treva Holmes
?03. Look What’s Happenin’ (hook needed a lil adobo)
?04. You’ll Make It f. Kia Jefferies
?05. Too Cold f. Qronik Jonez
?06. Blame Game f. Rapper Big Pooh & Justin Cohen
?07. Amazin’ f. Cube Ref, Logics & Livalect the Healer
?08. Stranger Things
?09. Erase Your Rhymez
?10. Sonnin f. Hamilton Clarington (hook took fire from this)
?11. I Remember (hook ?)
?12. Mic Drop

Project is dope. I wont lie it had me going through it. It has all the raps so know that, very rap heavy in the best way. When it wanted to be aggressive it made me a little hostile, but when it went full smooth it took me way the fuck back. To like the over the jeans dry hump, meet me after school to throw hands days. Production is nice, the raps the contrast everything really works. Minus that stranger things song, toss that one. Features mostly came with it, some of the hooks needed a lil work but overall this a very dope body of work. It plays nice almost like a slightly more focused mixtape. In rotation for sure. The old school is fucking back!
7.8/10 – John D.


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