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Thug Tear – Big Kahuna OG & Monday Night

Thug Tear – Big Kahuna OG & Monday Night

🚒1. Holly House
🌊2. Shorty Anthem
🌊3. Interception
🔥4. Lymph Node
🌊5. Gift of Gab
🔥6. Vlade Divac
🚒7. Cookin Doppe (ft. Fly Anakin🔥)
🔥8. 1-800-SUCKMYDICK (ft. duce🌊)
🔥9. Dead Already
🌊10. Buffalo Hide
🚒11. Same Year

The project is dope as fuck. Kahuna & Monday put in mad work over these beats provided by Unlucky Bastards and Graymatter. Fly and duce injected themselves into the hits they hopped on. Replay value is high as fuck, but the downside is that this ain’t on all platforms.
9/10 – Drake K.

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