Meet The Woo 2 – Pop Smoke

Meet The Woo 2 – Pop Smoke

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?01. Invincible
?02. Shake the Room f. ?Quavo
?03. Get Back
?04. Christopher Walking
?05. Foreigner f. ?A Boogie wit da Hoodie
??06. Sweetheart f. ?Fivio Foreign
?07. Element
??08. Armed N Dangerous (Charlie SlothFreestyle)
?09. Mannequin f. ?Lil Tjay
?10. Dreaming
?11. She Got a Thing
??12. Dior (Bonus)
?13. War f. ?Lil Tjay (Bonus)

Normally I dont let songs slide on just the production. But when the production is this fire, the simplest writtens, or even trash ones just said right can make it a whole bop. Just know this dude aint saying nothing, all new era content, and just words that sound catchy, or just easy to memorize type stuff with the occasional double time flow. He also raps like he lost his hearing at a young age or like hes stuck in a state of yawning. Other than that the features all cooked him, the production is TOP FUCKING TIER. Minus a few boring ones the pacing is simple, its a short project for 13 tracks, and you feel cool playing it loud. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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