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Lone-Star – J.J. Wolfe

Lone-Star – J.J. Wolfe

Lone-Star – J.J. Wolfe

😴01. Lover’s Dilemma II
👎🏾02. Gang Related
🔥03. Talk Tough
👍🏾04. Demons f. Naeto
🆗05. Bitchidowwhatiwant!
🚮06. Turn Me On
👍🏾07. All the Smoke
😴/🆗08. BillionDollarChild / IHateThatILoveYou
🚛09. Uh Uh f. Blane Bent
👍🏾10. Missed Kalls (interlude)
🔥11. Southside Deathwalk!
🔥12. Spike Gang
😴13. Idon’tpopxannies!
👎🏾14. My Brotha f. UriahJayy
💤15. Keepthebabiessouthemoshpit!
🚮16. 100RoundDrum
🆗17. Big Wolfe, Big Dreams, Big Drip

Project is the mall salad of new age music. Its too much of the same shit, every now and then you find something you like in it, its probably not good for you, and more than likely you feel like you wasted your time with it when you are finished. Its got weird frequencies and autotune, annoying ad libs, cookie cutter raps, the words, drum and drip, weird things no one wants to type out, words mashed together as song titles, yelling, homies featuring on it. The whole 9. Its also mad long, quality is ok, pacing is not, and the music is just all over. Salute to trying a bunch of things it just doesnt always work. If anyone has the new age checklist these kids are following please send. This project is for people who tie double knots on they dress shoes.
4/10 – John D.

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